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Custom Screen Printing in Liverpool

Our custom screen printing service is the most cost effective way of transferring your designs on to garments to achieve a high quality finish that will last a long time. The process starts with the design, you can either provide your own artwork or use our in-house design service to produce the artwork for you. We will also provide you with a visual so you can see how your screen printed garments will look and make sure that you are happy with the placement. Once the artwork is finalised a film positive is created for your design, each colour needs to be separated and printed on to it's own film. These films are used to produce a template for mesh screens. Each screen is placed on a print carousel, which is then used to screen print the artwork using ink. The garment is then passed through a dryer to cure the ink ready for packing. Our printers can mix ink colours, so if there is a particular colour you would like it's not a problem.


We provide screen printed garments to schools, clubs, businesses and general customers to the highest of standards no matter how big or small the order. 

We can help you with a custom design if you don't have something in mind. If you are after something with a personalised name on then we can do that too for just £3.00 per T Shirt.  Email us with your design or ideas and we will be happy to give you a free and accurate quote. We do have a minimum order of 10 items for single or two colour prints and a minimum print requirement of 30 for prints of more than two colours for all screen printing jobs and turn around time of around 1 week (depending upon work load).


All custom screen printed jobs will incur a screen set up charge which is for the work involved in getting your design print ready and on to the screens. Usually it will cost from £15.00 per screen needed. This charge is for your first order only and any future jobs with that design will not incur the charge again.

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