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Personalised Garment Embroidery

Embroidery is the perfect way to put your logo or name on to a garment. It looks professional and lasts as long as the garment does. Embroidery might work out slightly more expensive than Screen Printing but it enables you to lift the restrictions on colours. We are able to turn almost any logo or drawing in to an embroidered design. However, Embroidery prices are based on the amount of stitches in any one design so the more complex a design the more expensive it will be. Please contact us for a quote by emailing your design and details of what you require.


We are able to embroider on to almost any garment with any colour. Our expert machine operators are trained to use an 8 headed machine which enables us to process 8 garments at the same time.  We also have two single head machine for smaller jobs.

Our turn around times on Embroidery will vary depending on the time of the year but usually takes around 1 week.


We have a one off Origination charge for your design to be digitised ready for Embroidery which is £10.00. This will be payable on your first order and any future orders with the same design will not incur any embroidery set up charge. Please note - We do not embroider large designs onto the full front or back of garments.

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